Salt Lake Photo Tour

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Salt Lake Photography

Looking for a Landscape and reflection photography workshop? You should take place in our Salt Lake photography tours!


Our Price: Start from 350 EURO per car (max 4 pax)
Tour Code: 123SLT
Highlights: Transfers from your hotel to Salt Lake to your hotel
Departure Location: All Cappadocia
Duration: Around 5-6 Hours
Departure Dates: Every Day
Pick up: Depend on request
Tour ends: 5 Hours

Maximum Guest :  4  PAX



Salt Lake Photography

Looking for a Landscape and reflection photography workshop? You should take place in our Salt Lake photography tours!

Tuz Gölü in Turkish, as understands from its name it is also a mineral source of salt. The second biggest lake of Turkey, occupying a huge area in the arid central plateau of Turkey, one and a half hours far away from Cappadocia. Despite its huge area (580 sq miles or 1500 sq kilometers) for most of the year is very shallow (between 0,5-1 meters), especially during dry summer months when the water evaporates in huge quantities leaving a thick crust of salt on the surface up to 30 centimeters. This salt is extracted, worked, refined, and sold in the local market, thus making this the biggest industry for small towns’ economy in the area. It’s not only the biggest Salt Lake in Turkey but one of the biggest in the world as well.

Photography Workshops at the Heart of Anatolia

You can find peace while you are watching the lake. Endless water merges with the skyline with a perfect reflection of the sky on the lake. It is dazzling! A very good place to shoot some reflection photos of subjects. The subjects could change according to your desire! A model, a ballerina, a horse, or horseman is some of the options! When to get together all of those components, the perfects conditions and environment for photographers who are looking for experience in techniques such as reflection photography and landscape photography.

Different Photography

Because of the brilliant surface of the lake, the skyline of the sky and the lake look endless. This endless zone creates an amazing photographic view for photographers. Also the reflection of the salty water pretty shiny, even like a mirror! So it is the most suitable place you have ever seen to take reflection photos. A beautiful Anatolian horse on the water, with a shiny sunset in the background, is a really good photo concept to add to your portfolio! In our Salt lake photography tours, you can experience those terms listed below: •Reflection Photography •Nature Photography •Landscape Photography •Equine Photography Instead of horses, we can put some models, ballerinas, or any other different subject. That should change according to what you want, just say it! Attend Salt Lake Photography Tours with Us! For romantic hours with your partner or some fun times with your friends! And also to get very good landscape photographs with our photography tours. Here the list of contents of our Salt lake photograph tours at the heart of Anatolia: – Cultural and geographical experience with amazing natural beauties of Anatolia. – Practices with our expert photographers creative techniques like landscape and reflection photography.


Salt lake photography tours package includes different workshops for photographers that focus on nature, landscape, and nature photography.


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